Laughing While Holding Up My Shield

Lagertha is a shield maiden from the Viking period here in the North. I am inspired by her strength,  to protect myself from harm….  (here she is portrayed by Morris M. Meredith, image from Wikipedia)

I got a good laugh this morning and just wanted to write it down here, since it wiped out the anger I felt yesterday evening! Who knew that I would have this much fun protecting myself!

While I tried to do research as to which phone app would most efficiently block calls and text from a certain someone, (yes, mr. Narc) I quickly realized I was never going to actually be able to block him in any reasonable amount of time, if I spent too much time reading about different blocking apps…. And I was anxious to get a blocking app up and running ASAP… you know, what with Valentine’s Day coming up and everything. Narcissists are well known for hoovering at holidays; Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s…or special days like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

And what better day is there really, for a hoover with a message claiming to be sorry and professing (so called) undying love, than Valentine’s day? So, to not be exposed to that sort of heartbreaking BS, I went on to install an app this morning, Mr. Number. 

While installing, I happened to read their description of their product and it was hilarious! It said the usual; block a person, a group of persons… an area code, and then it went on; “or the entire world”. The entire world?! Who would want to do that? Then what is the point of even having a phone?

Still, this produced very funny images in my head. Like the image of a man sitting in a trailer somewhere in the remote desert, with a stock of canned food and a beard reaching his waist, letting out a sigh of relief as he is electing the option of “blocking the entire world”, on his mr. Number app! 🙂

But I get it. I have those days where I want to block everything and everyone out, too. Thankfully these days are not many, nowadays.

The second thing that made me laugh was that you could also choose to block “debt collectors”. There was a sentence saying something like “Don’t let debt collectors waste your time”. Now maybe it’s my bad English, but who thinks they can get away from debt collectors? Aren’t those guys the ones who collect debts that It may be my misunderstanding here… but again, veeeery funny images! A man again, (I swear it’s involuntary that these images are of men!) with “backslick” greasy hair, a cheap suit, who is clapping his hands together and smiling to himself; “Yes! I escaped the debt collectors!  Thank you, mr. Number!”.  🙂

But! As technology always has to be too complicated for a “technical idiot” such as myself, I couldn’t for the life of me find a choice to block text messages too…  I searched twice through the app, but couldn’t find it. So, just to be safe, I installed one more app, called Clean Inbox – smsBlocker.

Now I should be all set! What a relief. I am so happy that I am valuing, yes, cherishing, myself. To this degree, that I want to protect my heart and soul from further abuse. So that’s the message I want to send to you today; You are worth more. You do not deserve any kind of abuse or similar unworthy treatment. I hope you do not block this message of mine(😉), but take it to your ❤ !

Now I’m off to have a fabulous day, going out on the town on a photographing quest, cause the sky is clear blue and the air is crisp! I’ll pop in for brunch somewhere. I might return here with photos for you, later on…!

Love/SurvivedNarc 💋

21 thoughts on “Laughing While Holding Up My Shield

    1. Ah, alright.. but then you would have to hope that those “converted emails” do not reach you, cause the you would still get annoyed by having to read them in emails form instead of text messages… 😜 But yeah it is great that there are these kind of helpful tools for moving on and not having to see stupid messages.. 🙂

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      1. Right, I see.. well, if this app works as it should, I think it just deletes the messages right away and I never see them. I hope so, otherwise it is pretty useless 😊 cause there is always the tiny temptation to just go and have little look – (“wonder what he is writing this time, the crazy SOB”, etc). Keeps me stuck in that case.. so am praying that this works! 😊

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      2. I hope so too. I know for my friend she’s been through a lot and has anxiety disorders due to this. If you do look, you have to look at it objectively. As long as you don’t attach emotion to it you should be fine. 🙂

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      3. I am sorry about your friend. Yes, I am not as attached anymore which is a good thing.. like yesterday when he got through with a stupid message, I only felt anger, no “longing” at all… yay. 🙂 hugs

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      4. That means you’re healing well. Yes, my friend she has many issues to over come. First being to stop communication with the person which I know has been on and off. I just hope you are strong enough to get through it. Big hugs!!!

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    1. Ah, to me too! Sometimes you just want to be left alone really.. I get what you mean.. 🙂

      Oh, he seems to be doing the old “Hoovering by proxy”, trying to provoke/get a reaction from you, through others… even if you do not respond, he probably enjoys the idea that his indirect messages would hurt you… that is just… evil. Bleh.. Hugs!! 💜


      1. LOL. I meant as in “I really don’t want to do anything right now.” You know, when the furniture needs a good dusting and you’d rather watch Jesse Stone on the television? That’s being as useless as a third tit. 🙂

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  1. That made me laugh, but what I found interesting as you were internet surfing on apps, I was surfing for a different type of item for blocking unwanted contact – no lie…this is real and really scary but true…so here goes…’how to stop electronic harassment’….yes, I may be a victim….who knew this was real. I didn’t and I wasn’t sure how to even look it up…but I decided to investigate what I had been experiencing for some time.. and was astonished. …I’m a problem solver by nature…and while sometimes I appear to not be noticing…I am ever aware… research is my thing…and I will turn over every leaf until I find the ‘little thorn in my flesh’.

    Thank you for your kind words. You are so right…”You are worth more. You do not deserve any kind of abuse or similar unworthy treatment” Why do others feel they should spend their valued time – de-valuing another – because they reason they were? God bless them….truly!

    Fun read..I hope you have a fabulous day…

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