Another “One Lovely Blog Award” Nomination!


I’m shocked to receive this award nomination once again! As my blog started out, I could never imagine such an honor being bestowed upon me from fellow bloggers. Then, in the beginning, I imagined I would have one or two people commenting on my blogs, perhaps asking “What on Earth are you going on about?”  🙂 It has grown into so much more, a lot of friendship and support has come from my blogging experience. Edit: If you notice the words “new/new blog” anywhere near my nominees, it would be kind of you to throw an extra glance at that blog; We all remember what it was like being totally new in Blogland, and being nervous about if anyone would look at our blog… and we want all to feel welcome, don’t we?  🙂

I want to thank Laurel, over at My Journey Into Darkness, for nominating me this time! Laurel is not only a great blogging friend, but also a talented writer, and shares her story of living with a narcissist and trying to move on afterwards. Check her out!


The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. List the rules.
  3. Display the award on your post of the award. ( = Copy my pics here in the blog)
  4. List seven facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate (up to) 15 bloggers for this award and comment on one of their posts to let them know you have nominated them.

(My comment; You don’t “have to” write additional info about your nominees; it’s sufficent to make a list, 1-15, just by copying + pasting the links to the blogs you nominated, (( if you’re not comfortable with how to do links, just write a list of the “blog names”)). I’ve seen plenty of people do this, and it does substantially shorten the time it takes to write the post! I only provided additional info about my “nominees”, cause I had the extra time). 

Seven facts about me:

  1. I feel like a very “old soul”… I feel like my soul has been reborn for at least the last 1000 years. I often feel like I’m reborn from the Viking era… Sometimes I think that is why I am so tired, so often. It feels like every situation in my life, I have relived at least 15 times before… I wonder if I get a bit of a temporary Nirvana break, before my “next life”… you know, like paying extra in the airport to be able to rest in the V.I.P. lounge?
  2. When it comes to foods/sweets: I love chocolate more than anything.
  3. An annoying thing is that, while I am not a poet, still, randomly every 2-3 weeks or so, a poem just falls into my head, a complete poem, from nowhere, and I have to write it down, sort of compulsory. This often happens when I’m on the subway/in the laundry room/in a meeting… not very practical.
  4. I am secretly scheming and plotting. No… I am pondering ways I could quit my job to be a writer. But I always end up with: I have to pay rent. Besides, I don’t have that kind of talent, sadly, to be a full-time writer… (But I do have a fantasy novel… in my head…)
  5. My work involves trying to help some of the most troubled people in society. I’ll say no more due to confidentiality and ethics.
  6. I’ll say it again – I don’t live in UK/US, or any other English speaking country. I am blogging, getting by with only the English I’ve learned in school – it’s hard, but fun!
  7. I believe I’m a HSP, Highly Sensitive Person/Personality. (If you’re curious about it; an article Here)


Added info: If you “decline” the nomination, I will in no way be upset. If you accept it, and want to write your own blog post, just like this one I’ve made here today, I’ll just be glad for it 🙂 I don’t want to add stress to anyone. It should be joyful – or not at all! (Yes, you can do it on your own time schedule). The nominees

  1. Am I The Only Loser Out There? Sam gives you her take on life, dating, love, relationships. She is a beautiful person – inside and out. She has become a dear friend to me, and you will not regret reading her wonderful blog!
  2. Learning To Live Like Water, Oh how I wish I could be as spiritual as this woman (Deb). She always inspires me. Read about her thoughts on life, relationships and spititual things like “gong baths” (I’d never heard about that before!).
  3. Living With Narcissism. Don is a man who writes about the life in a narcissistic marriage to his wife. I’ve only recently found his blog, but I really love his personal writing style.
  4. An Upturned Soul. I thought I had some sort of ability to be deep, philosophical – until I read this blog, and was put to shame by it! 🙂 A wonderful blogging woman who has an amazing mind able to make a hundred associations in one blog post. (Oh, she also knows just about everything about narcissism!) .
  5. In The Net! -Stories of Life And Narcissistic Survival. Her title says it all, really. Lynette is a new aquaintance, but I’m already liking her style a whole lot!
  6. Ain’t No Party. MissEvangelista writes about dating and relationships in a funny and interesting way, that always makes me want to see what she is up to!
  7. Pressing On. SuthrnGirlSings is a cancer survivor, Christian single mom, domestic abuse survivor, and has become a friend here in Blogland. I admire her faith and wish I had more of that myself!
  8. Life Of Mon – “I Life Hard”. Mon is a young blogger living in Bangladesh, dealing with parents, anxiety, and life. I always enjoy Mon’s blog posts.
  9. A Pensive Heart . – lost love and heartache. This is a rather new blog aquaintance, it is a man talking about a marriage to, and moving on from, a narcissist. I got immediately sucked in and interested, when starting to read his story.
  10. Beauty Beyond Bones. The touching story of one woman’s recovery from an eating disorder, with some help from faith. Her blog posts are really uplifting and inspirational.
  11. I Won’t Say I’m Ok. Phelan Michael writes poetic blog posts about love and life – although a new blog aquaintance, I instantly fell in love!
  12. Firefly’s Journal. A little bit of everything – poetry, other writing and photography!
  13. Diary Of That Crazy Girl. Michelle writes about life, dating, relationships. I always enjoy tuning in!
  14. Child Mental Health Blog. Non Narc Life / Sheila, has just started a blog, and I find it really moving. She is struggling with her teenage child with mental health issues. It would be wonderful if we could get Sheila a great welcome into Blogland. 🙂
  15. Pacific Northwest Life In Photographs. Uhm – I love the Pacific Northwest (as my dream trip..) and I love photography, which this blog does in an amazing way!

7 thoughts on “Another “One Lovely Blog Award” Nomination!

      1. Oh, I can definitely see why you would think that 🙂 but no it is actually referring to narc as in narcissist (surviving narcissistic abuse is my blog description). Maybe it is a bit unclear in my blog name, but the blog was firstly intended only for those who also experienced the same as me.. (and would therefore get the “narc” reference quite easily… and then the blog grew a little bit , got another audience, etc😊).. Thanks for the caring comment 🌸🌼🌸

        I am happy that you have overcome whatever hard experiences you had in your past, take care and stay strong. 🙂


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