The Escape Artist

Invincible. That is how I feel when I manage to escape. There’s something about being alone at an airport, waiting to fly out somewhere, anywhere, really. Just take me away. It gives me… hope. Hope that everything could be different. I could be another person, with another life. I could be a French successful writer, on my way to see the love of my life, in Provence. Or just a slightly better version of myself, perhaps… less of a failure, more of a success, at everything…anything. 

The people who build airports know this feeling, in fact, they rely on people like me for them to be able to earn their daily bread. It is obvious when you see the luxury boutiques and the panorama windows out to the parked planes. 

I’ve been absent for a long time. Still, going away for a little while, again. This time not in thoughts, but in real life. 

My best friend, who sadly passed away a few years ago, once embroidered a quote for me: “Anything else is always something better”. It was an inside joke between us, from a wonderfully silly movie called “Coctail”. But I have since come to realize that her real gift to me was knowing me, I mean really knowing me. Cause she already knew, way back, who I was, and always will be. 

The escape artist. 

Dealing With A Narcissist Is Not Child’s Play

A great and important read! About narcissists and why people get “stuck” with narcissists. Let us arm ourselves with this knowledge, for our protection. A wonderful article I just had to reblog.

Ladywithatruck's Blog

Many people compare dealing with a narcissist to dealing with a 3 year old and in many ways that is a totally accurate description.

toddlers rulesLike a 3 year old the narcissist will stomp his feet and yell that he hates you for not giving him his way and an hour or so later he is back like nothing happened. He will kick and scream to get what he wants only to not want it once he gets it. Or he will totally ignore a toy and toss it off to the side until someone else shows an interest in it and it immediately becomes his favorite toy or like a 3 year old he wants what everyone else has and will steal it if he has to and then act like he doesn’t understand why he is in trouble.

I found the 3’s to be way worse than the two’s!…

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The Move Has Begun…


So, finally, I am beginning to move y’all, Dear readers, your subscription that is, not you personally. 🙂 And I thought I’d take the chance to throw out some info. here about the new site, in what will probably be my last post here at the wordpress free version.

My new site, been working on it almost non-stop, for days…! Wow. Everything took ten times as long as I expected! (Alright. I’m a newbie). You wouldn’t believe how much work it was! I’m totally beat. But it was real fun, too! It’s still not completely finished though. Mostly some old links within older posts, that might not be working yet… but most stuff should be up and running.

All the design thingies are not entirely finished, either, but basic stuff is there. I’m surprised to say the site is rather… pink. Haha. (I’ll tell you an old story some time, about why that color is so special. Bit of a sad story, actually).

About the site, and following: If you followed me through email notifications about blog posts, you should still get email alerts for new posts. If you don’t, I’ll solve that ofc!

If you followed me by just scrolling in the Reader (or simply stalking my blog, ha ha), then you should still see me in Reader, however: you might no longer get any emails about new posts. If you think it’s hard to keep track of the Reader, you can subscribe to email notifications. (You can do that on my new webpage, on the bottom of the new page).

As a courtesy info. for long-time followers: In my “slider” menu, high up on my new page, there will be pics rolling by, featuring different older posts. If you followed me since 2015, you don’t need to read those. 🙂 I just put them there for newer readers, to get a glimpse of the history of the site, sort of.

So just scroll on down a bit and you’ll get to the newer blog posts. (But of course, if you do see some old post in the photo slider, that you haven’t read, go ahead, read! 🙂 Will exchange those posts, from time to time).

Am very happy about my new site! Feels like I could build towards a more “serious” website from that platform… hmm. Food for thought. I still have to find ways to make the page get optimized loading speed. Don’t worry, working on that, too. 🙂

I know most people perhaps only use the Reader, I do that a lot too. But I hope you will visit my website at least once, if only just to see the pink color! 😀

For people who read the Reader from cel phone: you may have to click 1 extra time, to get to my page, if you want to comment. It’s easy, if you’re in the Reader, just click the little globe (planet Earth), up in the corner, and you get to the site itself.

Alright, see you on the other side! I hope “moving you” only takes a day or so, I’ve got some more stalking to tell you about, from mr. Narc!

No worries if you should fall off the moving truck! I will arrange so there will be a sign left here, telling you where to go. Sort of like forwarding mail after moving in real life, right? 🙂


Looking Over My Shoulder Again (Narcissism)


My heart is beating just a little faster than normal, as I enter my apartment building. Why is that? I think I have to tell you about the creepiest hoover ever, for you to fully understand these heart palpitations….  (Bit of a longer read today, since next post might have to wait a couple days, cause of my blog transfer..). Continue reading “Looking Over My Shoulder Again (Narcissism)”

Time For Some Changes @ SurvivedNarc

Caucasian woman with convertible reading map on remote road
image Pinterest

I’m very excited to announce that I’m in the process of going self hosted with my blog! Yes, the costume “free version of WordPress” has become very tight for me. (All those darn photo blogs I’ve been posting)!

It will be an adventure to say the least, to try and figure out all the technical aspects of being a self hosted blogger – especially when one is so NOT tech savvy. I’m not kidding, I’m the equivalent of illiterate, when it comes to computers and technology. (Tech-iterate? Nah, probably not a word, right?…). My new website should be up soon, within a day or two perhaps. It will be, instead. No link just yet, though!  Continue reading “Time For Some Changes @ SurvivedNarc”

Writer: Find Your True Expression (I’m Guest Blogging!)


I am so excited to say that I am guest blogging! I was asked to write a guest blog with some advice for writers(!) The result: Writer: Find Your True Expression. I would be absolutely overjoyed if you would go and read my guest blog.

Just click that link, above. You know you wanna! (All the cool kids do it…). Also, while you’re over there, please have a look at the blogger who asked me to guest blog! Continue reading “Writer: Find Your True Expression (I’m Guest Blogging!)”

~!Share a Post!~

~!Share a Post!~

A great opportunity to promote your blog and potentially get more readers, aswell as meeting a great blogger, and a lot of other wonderful bloggers! Now what could be better? 🙂 (Please do NOT comment on this post; but visit the original poster, if you do want to promote your own blog, aswell as meeting other amazing bloggers)!

Evolution / Forevermore (Poem)


When I fell, I was
pushed by invisible hands
ever to be found

Unseen struggle, as I was
shoved towards the precipice
ever to be found

The weapon of your choice
-cold, calculated words
And now you think me dead
lost to the world

But you could not know;
your previous deadly throws…
-luck didn’t save my soul
Wings took form on my back; I evolved,
and am now lost to youforevermore




She’s Melting My Heart!


Just look at her, discovering herself in the mirror! She is really melting my heart, and she is not even here yet! She will be, in a couple of weeks… I am so looking forward to getting to know her….  Oh, I was going to make a serious post today! Dozing off last night, I had half a poem floating around in my head, which I thought I would remember today. No such luck… so, I was going to write something serious today… but sometimes, a love like this, it just takes over… you know? 🙂 I already love this little cat girl, and I don’t even know what to name her, yet!

Just wanted to share a little piece of joy… 💜  Take care out there!


Photo Journal: Fake Flying Saucer & Non-Human Love

When I arrived, some men were swimming in the lake already. They looked nice, I mean the lake looked nice!!  🙂


This peculiar post is from a day by the lake. Post contains a loving couple (who are not human), and a fake flying saucer…. I know, I’m weird. But to be fair, it was a bit of an odd day. Or maybe it’s the “writer” in me… a family member always says: “You have such a crazy imagination”! Perhaps the crazy part is right…. Continue reading “Photo Journal: Fake Flying Saucer & Non-Human Love”